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The History of Pilgrims

An overwhelming desire to create an environment that would stimulate and inspire their students is what drove Mario Rinvolucri and James Dixey to open Pilgrims in 1974. Concerned by the fact that teachers in traditional schools focused more on the course books and a method, they identified that a more immediate result could be achieved by putting the learner at the centre of the learning process.

Their ethos - Pilgrims does not teach a language but teaches people.

This pedagogic philosophy is now celebrated throughout the world as the 'Humanistic Approach'; it inspired thousands of Children & Teenagers, Business Professionals and Teachers. Indeed Pilgrims has published over 50 Teacher's resource books on the subject and continues to guide teachers worldwide through the Pilgrims pioneering online magazine 'Humanising Language Teaching'. People come to Pilgrims not just to focus on their English, but to focus on their relationship with their English: this transformation at a deep personal level empowers them to take responsibility for how they learn and how they communicate powerfully in the global language.

Here at Pilgrims, we believe in coaching our teachers to really connect and interact with our students, in order to give them the knowledge, confidence, skill and the motivation to care for and teach each and every single one of the children and teenagers that come to Pilgrims. Quite simply we want our students and teachers to leave Pilgrims with the most memorable experiences of a lifetime.

The summer courses are specifically designed to boost confidence and encourage students to participate, speak a lot of English, and interact with their new international friends.

The Pilgrims magic is seeing the transformation of students, watching the confidence that comes by being challenged. It is our fundamental belief that our students have unlimited potential allowing them to be whatever they want to be in the future.

Over 16 nationalities

Pilgrims has over 16 nationalities visiting our schools each year. We have a set quota of same-language students regardless of nationality. This is to maximise students' use of English in order to communicate and aid learning.

2/3 of students return

Over 2/3 of students return to Pilgrims each year. With the highest quality teaching and our fun and unique style of learning, Pilgrims offers its students an experience of a lifetime during their summer.

75% staff return

Over 75% of our staff returns to our schools each year. Our friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals choose Pilgrims because of our fun and dynamic programme.

Staff on site24/7

We guarantee that there is 1 teacher for every 3 or 4 students to ensure that all students receive individual care and attention. Students will be entirely supported with the highest level of care from arrival to departure.

Why do Kids want to come back?

Why do parents send kids?

I have nothing but a positive feedback to give you about my daughter's time at Pilgrims. This was the second time I had one of my daughter's going to Pilgrims and as usual I am very glad to see them having a great time and making loads of new friends, while being able to learn. Maria says this was the best summer ever and that was due to Pilgrims and your lovely staff. With such a great feedback, we will consider sending her again next summer. I would like to thank for taking such good care of my daughters.

Herculano Silva

Alba and Marina were both extremely happy with this summer's experience at Pilgrims. Their first reaction after the course was to let us know that they would like to repeat the experience next year. They appreciated indeed the accommodation facilities and the logistics but above all the group activities, the visits and the opportunity to meet new people and friends. They were also happy with their improvements in the knowledge of the English language and came back really motivated to continue learning.

Javier Fernández

Why do staff return?