The Pilgrims Way

English language is just one part of a Pilgrims course. Pilgrims also focuses on the student's personal development. By the end of a Pilgrims summer course, the student will gain the confidence to learn more, speak more and understand more English.

Pilgrims staff are with the students from breakfast to bedtime, teaching English in class, during meal times, activities, sports, trips and visits. We make sure our students develop their personal & language skills through a wide variety of activities all using English.

Our students learn English quickly and effectively!

Our exceptional programme has been developed for over 40 years in order to create the perfect environment for students to learn and practice English. We want them to experience a summer they'll always remember.

So what makes Pilgrims Summer Courses such a success?

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The Pilgrims Philosophy

We believe that successful language acquisition is based on a strong relationship between the learner and teacher.

Our passionate coaches go beyond traditional teaching and make the individual learner's goal central to their study in a motivating and inspiring environment.

It is the thrill of being part of a culture that oozes so much learning energy. The most powerful feature of a Pilgrims course is the passion, pride and commitment of all the teachers who live and breathe Pilgrims.

International Mix

Pilgrims attracts students from all over the world, representing over 16 nationalities each summer.

This rich variety creates a truly international community where all flourish through this exposure to different cultures and backgrounds. At Pilgrims we bring these different cultures together through the use of English and we learn from each other's strengths and insights.

Being open to the world and celebrate its different cultures is a valuable skill to have.

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Pastoral Care

The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority at Pilgrims.

From the moment we welcome them at the airport, we make sure all pupils feel recognised and supported. All of our teachers live in residence with the students and are attentive to their well-being 24 hours a day.