Daily Routine


  • 07.30 Wake Up


    Wake Up

    Students are woken up by teachers and start speaking English straight away. A morning jog is also available to those who want to kick start their day!

  • 08.00 Breakfast



    Breakfast is enjoyed in our school dining halls with teachers where we continue practising English. Our schools offer a wide choice of breakfast options. Whether it is cereal, fruit or our traditional English Breakfast, we cater for every student.

  • 08.45 Morning Meeting


    Morning Meeting

    Our famous Morning Meetings are the first lesson of the day where we find out what exciting activities we have planned. With our Phrase of the Day and Song of the Day, Morning Meetings ensure that we are energised while learning lots of English!

  • 09.00 Morning English Lessons


    Morning English Lessons

    As part of our integrated day the morning lessons give your child the very best English language teaching. Morning lessons focus on language that students can then use confidently in order to participate in afternoon and evening activities.


  • 12:15 Lunch



    Lunchtime is spent with classmates and teachers where we practice the English we have learnt throughout the morning. The schools offer a varied lunch each day. A salad bar is also available and a choice of puddings and fruit for dessert.

  • 12:45 Free Time


    Free Time

    After lunch the students are given free time which they may spend relaxing in their rooms, with friends in our common room or enjoying the school grounds.

  • 13:45 Afternoon Activities


    Afternoon Activities

    During the afternoon the students choose from our range of afternoon activities such as sport, art or drama. The activities are led by teachers who offer fun ways to practise and learn English.

  • 15:15 Break



    Refreshments are provided between afternoon activities to allow students to refresh and change their clothes for the next activity.

  • 15:30 Afternoon Activities


    Afternoon Activities

    After a short break students will participate in a second activity of their choice.

  • 17:00 Free Time


    Free Time

    Free time before dinner is given so that students can relax and prepare for the evening activity. This may be quiet reading in their rooms, speaking to family on the phone or relaxing with friends and teachers in the common room.

  • 18:00 Pre-Dinner Activity


    Pre-Dinner Activity

    A quick activity to bring everybody together again and energise for the evening ahead.


  • 18:15 Dinner



    Dinner is eaten in the dining hall with team-mates and teachers where we practise the English we have learnt throughout the day. Our schools offer a varied dinner option with a choice of desserts to finish with.

  • 19:15 Evening Activity


    Evening Activity

    Our much loved evening activities such as, Challenge Night, Casino Night and Night Games are fun ways to practice your English whilst making memories that last a lifetime.

  • 21:15 Cocoa Time


    Cocoa Time

    Every evening we provide cocoa in the common room to give students time to relax before bed and chat to friends and teachers in English.

  • 22:00 Bedtime



    Students go up to their rooms to start getting ready for bed. Bedtime may very depending on the student’s age.

  • 22:30 Lights Out


    Lights Out

    Students are in their own rooms and get much needed rest for another action packed Pilgrims day!

A day at Pilgrims